Carnival Cruises from Port Miami

Good news for the Miami residents. You can experience a Carnival cruise from Port Miami. There are a variety of activities you can do on your cruise, like visiting Nassau or the world-famous conch tour train. You can also experience the Grand Turk island by taking a day pass on Atlantis Aqua venture.

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, hop on the trolley tour in Old town. If you’re looking for a more active experience, hop on a Catamaran sail and snorkel on a private beach. And more & more…

Carnival Cruises from Port Miami

If you’re looking for a great family vacation, consider taking a Carnival cruise from Port Miami. With several stops in Nassau, including Atlantis Aqua venture day pass and the world-famous conch tour train hop on, hop off, there’s plenty to see and do on your voyage.

For something different but equally fun, take an Old town trolley tour – hop on, hop off to experience the local culture while you explore this charming island town. To top it all off, sail aboard a catamaran with drinks included as you enjoy an amazing snorkel or sailing trip around Grand Turk Island. No matter what time of year you visit PortMiami cruising is definitely worth considering.

The Bahamas From Miami, FL

Ship: Carnival Conquest
Price: $134 per person

Things to do:

  • Everglades tour w/ mia airport transfer
  • Visit Nassau
  • Atlantis Aqua venture day pass
  • Promo-family beach day, lunch blue lagoon island
  • Pearl island snorkeling & beach escape with lunch
  • Adventure jeep, beach & local lunch – automatic
  • Dolphin encounter, waterpark, beach & lunch for all

If you’re looking for a worthwhile vacation, consider taking a cruise to the Bahamas from Miami, FL. Not only will you see beautiful landscapes and wildlife in the Everglades, but Mia Airport Transfer can take care of your transportation needs as well.

There’s plenty to do on this trip too- explore Nassau or Atlantis Aqua Venture day pass and enjoy lunch at Blue Lagoon Island while spending some quality family time together. When it comes to vacations, don’t miss out by not booking early -promo-family beach day is always popular with families.

For a memorable vacation, cruise to the beautiful pearl islands in The Bahamas. With snorkeling opportunities galore and stunning beaches to wander to, there’s something for everyone on this trip. You’ll enjoy a day of activity with an adventure jeep tour before settling down for some beach time.

Lunch is at one of Nassau’s famous waterfront restaurants – make sure to order the Bahamian chicken wrap. After lunch, take advantage of all that the island has to offer by exploring its attractions such as the waterpark or dolphin encounter experience. Everyone will be happy when they return home after cruising through the beautiful islands of The Bahamas – including you.

Western Caribbean From Miami, FL

Ship: Carnival Conquest
Price: $144 per person

Things to do:

  • Everglades tour w/ mia airport transfer
  • Visit key west
  • Catamaran sail & snorkel
  • The world-famous conch tour train hop on, hop off
  • Old town trolley tour – hop on, hop off
  • Key west parasailing
  • Visit Cozumel
  • Adventure jeep, snorkel & anemone beach club
  • All-inclusive passion island by power catamaran
  • The ancient city of Tulum
  • Exclusive dolphin swim VIP experience
  • All fun inclusive Chankanaab park – at leisure

For a relaxing vacation with plenty of opportunities to explore, consider booking a cruise to the Western Caribbean from Miami, FL. You’ll enjoy an Everglades tour with Mia Airport transfer that will take you on incredible explorations of the ecosystem and its many creatures.

There are also many activities available on board your ship – Catamaran sail & snorkel, world-famous conch tour train hop on, hop off, Old town trolley tour – hop on, hop off, and Key West parasailing. So whatever interests you most – nature tours or thrilling adventures – there’s sure to be something for you on this trip.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable Caribbean vacation, consider a cruise to the Western Caribbean from Miami, FL. There are plenty of reasons why this cruise is good – including adventure jeeps that take you off the beaten path in Cozumel and snorkel sites around All-inclusive passion island by power catamaran.

You can also enjoy all-inclusive VIP experiences like dolphin swimming with Chankanaab park at leisure – something not found on most cruises. Whether traveling solo or with friends, this trip offers something for everyone – so book now and get ready to have some fun.

Eastern Caribbean From Miami, FL

Ship: Carnival Spirit
Price: $314 per person

Things to do:

  • Everglades tour w/ mia airport transfer
  • Visit princess cays
  • Stingray beach encounter
  • Snorkeling at princess cays
  • Surf fishing
  • Lagoon clear-bottom kayaking adventure
  • Visit grand Turk
  • Catamaran sail,snorkel & private beach & drinks
  • Snorkeling & stingray adventure
  • Home sweet home! Your adult-only Caribbean retreat
  • Visit amber cove
  • Waterfalls of Damajagua – adrenaline adventure
  • Dolphin swim & ocean world day pass
  • All-inclusive coconut cove beach break

Cruise passengers can choose from a variety of activities to make their trip more enjoyable. Highlights on the cruise include a tour of the Everglades and visits to Princess Cays and Stingray Beach. Mia Airport transfers are available for those who need them, allowing you to see Miami in style before your departure.

Kayakers will enjoy exploring Lagoon Clear Bottom with its abundant wildlife sightings while fishing enthusiasts can take advantage of world-class waves at Surf Isle Resort near Staniel Cays. Finally, travelers should consider arranging an adventure through Princess Cayes Tours – they offer clear-bottom kayaking trips as well as surf fishing expeditions that allow guests to get up close and personal with some amazing fish species.

Travelers who are looking for an exotic and exciting vacation can choose to cruise to the Eastern Caribbean from Miami, Florida. On your trip, you’ll experience a Catamaran sail, snorkel, and private beach on Grand Turk.

You can also explore the island by sailing aboard a catamaran or swimming with dolphins in Amber Cove Waterfalls – an adrenaline adventure. For an extra special treat, include a day at Ocean World where you may swim with dolphins or take part in other aquatic activities like Stingray adventures.

When it’s time to return home, make sure to visit Coconut Cove Beach Resort which offers all-inclusive packages that allow guests to enjoy everything the small island has to offer including waterfalls and beaches. Don’t forget about your free drinks while on board – save money by bringing your own alcoholic beverages on board.

Panama Canal From Miami, FL

Ship: Carnival Conquest
Price: $1129 per person

Things to do:

  • Everglades tour w/ mia airport transfer
  • Visit grand cayman
  • Dolphin swim & stingray city
  • Stingray encounter & turtle swim
  • Coral garden & stingray city snorkel
  • Visit Limon
  • Caribbean cacao experience
  • Veragua rain forest tram, trails with a live exhibit
  • Caribbean train, boat & bus experience
  • Visit the colon (Panama canal)
  • Panama canal tour
  • Grand tour (eco, Indians & locks)
  • Two oceans by railroad
  • Visit Cartagena
  • Cartagena by land & sea
  • Bird watching at Colombia national aviary

If you’re looking for an adventure, consider a cruise on the Panama Canal from Miami, FL – and don’t forget to take a visit to Grand Cayman. You’ll be able to see all of the beautiful Everglades while on your tour with Mia Airport Transfer included. Dolphins will be swimming alongside you during your dolphin swim and stingray city snorkel; make sure you stay alert for these amazing creatures.

Next stop: Stingray City – where visitors can watch these gentle giants in their natural habitat up-close and personal. Don’t forget about those adorable turtles… once they get tired of playing in the water, they’ll head over to Coral Garden for some relaxation (and maybe even a spot at lunch). And finally, if there’s still enough energy left after all that excitement, soak it all in by taking a stroll through the underwater tunnel at StingRay City Snorkel Park – guaranteed not to disappoint.

Experience the Panama Canal from Miami, FL with a cruise ship. Take in the sights and sounds of Limon while cruising down the canal on a Caribbean cacao experience. Explore Veragua’s rain forest by riding its tram trails – you can even witness a live exhibit along the way. Sample Caribbean cuisine aboard a train, boat, or bus during your trip to this beautiful region of Central America.

Cruise ships make the journey from Miami, FL to the Panama Canal every day and this is a great opportunity to see it first-hand. You can take either a “grand tour” or an “eco-tour”, both of which provide interesting experiences that are not commonly included on cruise ship tours.

By taking a railroad trip between Cartagena and the canal, you’ll be able to visit two different oceans in one trip. If you’d like to spend more time ashore, explore Colombia by land as well as by sea during your stay in Cartagena. The best way to enjoy all of these attractions is by combining them on a single trip – just ask knowledgeable travel experts.

Southern Caribbean From Miami, FL

Ship: Carnival Horizon
Price: $509 per person

Things to do:

  • Everglades tour w/ mia airport transfer
  • Visit Bonaire
  • Samur sail, beach & snorkel
  • Sail & snorkel on Mushi Mushi catamaran
  • Coast to coast Bonaire by land rover
  • Bonaire outback and beach stop
  • Visit Aruba
  • Best of Aruba & eagle beach
  • North coast jeep safari
  • De palm island snorkel, beach, aqua park & buffet
  • All-inclusive private schooner sail & snorkel
  • Visit la Romana
  • All-inclusive Bayahibe beach resort
  • Altos de chavon & river boat cruise
  • Ultimate dolphin swim with lunch
  • Visit amber cove
  • Waterfalls of Damajagua – adrenaline adventure
  • All-inclusive coconut cove beach break
  • Mega truck country ride & culture with lunch

Cruise lines offer several different cruises to the Southern Caribbean, each with its own unique features and attractions. The Everglades tour on Royal Caribbean offers a chance to see alligators in their natural habitat as well as explore the surrounding wetlands. If you’re traveling with children, consider taking a trip on Mia Airport Transfer’s Samur sailboat which allows for beach and sea exploration from Bonaire’s coastline up into the waters of the Dutch Antilles.

Sailors can take advantage of snorkel gear when cruising around Sint Eustatius or Saba, two inhabited islands that are part of the Netherlands Antilles. For an underwater experience not available at other ports of call, travelers may want to book a trip aboard a Mushi Mushi catamaran sailing between Bonaire’s rugged coastlines and crystal clear waters beneath them.

When exploring inland Bonaire by land rover it is possible to stop off at hikes through rainforest or game reserves before arriving back at your hotel late afternoon – perfect for winding down after a day filled with activities. Finally, make sure to enjoy some local refreshments upon arrival in San Nicolas – the hometown of Carnival Cruise Line founder Raymond Brochstein – before checking in for your night’s sleep.

Cruise experts recommend visiting Aruba next, as it’s a great starting point for your Caribbean journey. You can explore the island on your own or take advantage of cruise tours and excursions that are available. There are many amazing spots to see in Aruba–including Eagle Beach and North Coast Jeep Safari–that you won’t find on other cruises.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience, consider booking a private schooner sail or snorkel trip to Amber Cove or la Romana Resort on Chavon Island. For some thrilling activities, try diving with dolphins at Mega Truck Country Ride & Culture Tour in Altos de Chavon, or enjoy an adrenaline-pumping waterfalls adventure at Waterfalls of Damajagua Adventure Park.

Or sampling delicious food at All-Inclusive Coconut Cove Beach Break. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy a traditional local lunch while touring this beautiful country.

When Carnival ships are docked in Miami

Carnival ships dock in Miami every year, and there are many different types of them. Some cruise on the ocean while others travel by river. You can find out which Carnival ship is docked in Miami right now at our website.

Carnival ships dock in Miami

Carnival Corporation has four different cruise lines that dock in Miami: Sunrise, Freedom of the Seas, Scarlet Lady, and Symphony Of The Seas.

Each ship docks at a different port

Each Carnival Cruise Line ship docks at a different port in Miami- Port Everglades for Sunrise, Liberty Cove for Freedom of the Seas, North Bayfront for Scarlet Lady, and Golden Beach for Symphony Of The Seas.

Passengers on each line can disembark directly onto the street

Once passengers have boarded their respective Carnival cruises they are free to explore Miami without having to go through customs or immigration first like most other airlines do when you arrive in town from another country. This is great if you’re looking to take advantage of some of the city’s attractions before your cruise sails away again.

Plenty going on while docked in Miami

Miami is home to many popular tourist destinations such as Coconut Grove, Brickell Financial District, and South Beach so there always seems to be something happening while guests are docked here at PortMiami either ashore or aboard one of Carnival Corporation’s fabulous ships.