The Biggest Cruise Ships in the World

Huge passenger vessels designed for leisure travel are called cruise ships. Despite ocean liners, which are employed for transportation, cruise ships often go on round-trip cruises to different ports of call where guests may participate in trips known as “shore excursions.” They’re larger than several cargo ships and can transport large numbers of individuals at once. 

Prior to the mid-1990s, ocean liners dominated the magnitude and tonnage of the cruise ship industry, with very few vessels exceeding 50,000 gross tonnes. The size of the biggest ships has more than tripled in the following decades then. Each year since 2001 has seen the addition of nine or more cruise ships, the vast majority among which are 100,000 GT or larger.

A cruise ship’s crew functions much like that of a hotel, with a full hospitality team in addition to the regular ship’s crew. Newer cruise ships have been characterized as “balcony-laden floating condos,” a sacrifice in seaworthiness for the sake of catering to marine tourists. 

All of the “megaships” patios have expanded from a single deck to include theaters, high-end and fast food eateries, spas, fitness centers, gambling, sports venues, and even rides from amusement parks. This article will have a list of the biggest cruise ships in the world.

1. Wonder of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International’s Wonder of the Oceans is the biggest cruise ship on the planet. In January 2022, it was delivered. The March 2022 launch date marks the beginning of service for the 1,188-foot ship. It’s the newest and fifth Oasis-class vessel for Royal Caribbean. A total of 6,988 people and 2,300 staff members may board this floating metropolis. 

Wonder of the Seas
The wonder of the Seas

There are four 7500-horsepower bow jets on board the maritime marvel. With this vessel, you may go at 22 knots. The Wonder of the Seas is unlike her sister ships in many ways, including her innovative design and the many unique features she offers.

2. Symphony Of the Seas

In terms of passenger capacity, the Symphony of the Seas is only surpassed in size by one ship. She was number one until her sister ship, “Wonder of the Sea,” surpassed her in popularity. The enormous cruise ship is 238 feet tall, with a width of 361.011 meters, and a length of 228,081 tonnes. 

Symphony Of the Seas
Symphony Of the Seas

The Symphony of the Seas has an impressive array of thrilling, adrenaline-pumping activities, making it the ideal holiday spot for families. Enjoy the sun after getting sweaty on the ship’s enormous waterslides and FlowRider surf simulations, or compete with your other passengers in a round of glow-in-the-dark laser tag.

3. Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas is another ship in Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-Class fleet, cruises closely beside her sibling, Oasis of the Seas. It was constructed by STX France at their Saint-Nazaire shipyard. Harmony of the Seas, the third ship in the “Oasis-Class” series, was delivered in May 2016.

Harmony of the Seas
Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas can stretch as wide as 66m at its widest point and has a gross tonnage of 226,963 GT. This largest yacht has 2,747 cabins with virtual balconies, allowing it to hold 5,479 passengers at maximum capacity.

Central Park, the Vitality at Sea Spa and Health Club, the Boardwalk, the Grand Promenade, and the Performance Place are just some of the special Royal Caribbean facilities available aboard Harmony of the Seas.

4. Allure of the Seas

The allure of the Seas, another 362 m long cruise ship from the Oasis series, is currently ranked on the list. The Allure of the Seas, the second Royal Caribbean ship in the Oasis-class series, was constructed at the STX Europe shipyards in Finland. She holds the record for the biggest passenger ship ever operated. 

Allure of the Seas
The Allure of the Seas

The ship is 72 meters in height, 60.5 meters across its widest point, and has a gross tonnage of 225,282 GT. The Allure of the Seas, which made its debut in October 2010, can accommodate 5,400 guests at maximum capacity. 

The two-story ballroom, 1,380-seat cinema, ice skate park, VIP club, salon, and exercise facilities are just some of the features of this opulent cruise ship. There are 25 different eating venues on board, which includes the first-ever Starbucks coffee store at sea.

5. Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, the first of its Oasis-class vessels, set a new standard for cruise liner size when it debuted in 2009. It ranks as the world’s fifth-largest passenger ship. All of the top five largest cruise lines are operated by Royal Caribbean.

The Oasis of the Seas
The Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Intl’s first ship of a novel type, the ship was built at STX Europe’s Turku Shipyard and delivered to the company in 2008. The order for the ship was placed in February 2006. Oasis of the Seas has a gross tonnage of 225,282 and spans 361.6m in length, 72m in height above the waterline, and 22.55m in depth.

6. Costa Smeralda 

The Costa Smeralda, owned by the Italian cruise operator Costa Cruises, was given its emerald-hued moniker in honor of the island of Sardinia. At 337 meters in length and 42 meters in width, it is Costa Cruises’ biggest cruise ship to date, and it has a gross tonnage of 185,100.

The Costa Smeralda
The Costa Smeralda

A total of 6554 passengers and 1646 crew members are at full capacity. With a first trip that began in December of 2019, she is now active in the Mediterranean. The ship is built with a variety of eco-friendly technology, so that its guests may enjoy the finer things in life while also doing their part to lessen the ship’s impact on the earth.

7. P&O Iona

P&O Cruises’ Iona, a new LNG-powered cruise ship, was scheduled to debut in May 2020. The coronavirus epidemic caused supply delays, and the P&O cruise didn’t get it until October 2020.
Lona, the sixth biggest cruise liner in the world, is the largest vessel ever constructed specifically for a U.K.-based cruise operator.

The P&O Iona
The P&O Iona

 It has a length of 345 meters and 17 passenger decks. Iona’s 185,000 GRT means she can host 5,200 guests and 1,800 staff members in luxurious comfort.

8. AIDA Nova

The AIDAnova, operated by AIDA Cruises, is the first vessel of its kind that can run on LNG both while at sea and when docked (LNG). As of right now, it ranks as the world’s eighth-biggest ship.

With a distance of 337 meters, a breadth of 42 meters, and a gross tonnage of roughly 183,900 GT, the AIDAnova can accommodate more than 2,600 passengers. As the first vessel of the so-called Helios family to be constructed by Meyer werft for AIDA cruises, the AIDAnova will set the standard for luxury ocean travel.

The AIDA Nova
The AIDA Nova

Following the example set by AIDAnova, Carnival Corporation has placed orders for ten more “green” cruise liners of the next era, with deliveries due between 2019 and 2025, all of which will utilize LNG as their primary source of propulsion.

9. MSC Grandiosa

Introduced in November 2019, the MSC Grandiosa is a cruise liner of the Meraviglia Plus – A class. This indicates that it is larger than its forerunner, the MSC Meraviglia, which was brought into service in 2017. 

The MSC Grandiosa
The MSC Grandiosa

This brand-new powerhouse is operated by MSC Cruises and is 331 meters in length. It has a total of 2421 cabins and can accommodate 6334 people thanks to its 181, 541 GT. In addition to this, the retail area can accommodate most people from any other location on the cruise ship.

10. Carnival Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras is a cruise liner with a gross tonnage of 180,000, is fueled by LNG, and is managed by Carnival Cruise Lines, which is the biggest cruise ship operator in the world. It is presently the 10th largest cruise vessel on the planet.

The Carnival Mardi Gras
The Carnival Mardi Gras

In the midst of the epidemic, Meyer Turku Shipyard constructed it, and it was delivered in December 2020. The vessel is equipped with a pandemic-proofing strategy as well as a health center that is equipped with the most advanced medical technology for screening and providing care to passengers who are in need. 

There will be a maximum of 6630 passengers on board, and it will carry a total of 1745 officers and crew members to serve them. The name “Mardi Grass” was chosen to honor the line’s very first cruise ship, the TSS Mardi Gras, which set sail in 1972.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to stay in the symphony of the seas?

The price is determined not only by supply and need but also by the time of year. On the other hand, the price range every week is around 45,000 to 80,000 US Dollars. The price may change based on the suite you select and the extra services and amenities that you make use of.

2. Is the Oasis of the Seas sailing?

On September 5, 2021, after its time spent in the dry dock for maintenance and refurbishment, the cruise liner resumed normal operations. Before heading back to its home port at Cape Liberty, New Jersey, the ship completed a number of voyages departing from port Miami, Florida. In the year 2022, it will be operating on a variety of routes across the western and eastern Caribbean.

3. What happened to the Harmony of the Seas?

The cruise liner collided with a port in Jamaica in May of 2022, causing both parties to sustain losses. It had previously departed from Port Canaveral and traveled through the Bahamas before continuing on to Jamaica, where it collided with a pier.

Final Words

The bigger the cruise ship is, the bigger the fun while floating with the cruise ship in the ocean. Big cruise ships provide a city-like environment with lots of people, family, and friends to travel to the ends of the world.

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