St. John Island Tour Reviews

St. John is the tiniest of the three principal US Virgin Islands. People think that three of the Virgin Islands are some of the most beautiful places in the world. These islands include St. Croix, St. Thomas, and the jewel that is St. John. The Virgin Islands are known for their verdant hills, magnificent coastlines, and azure oceans.

The island has a surface area of 19.6 square miles and is found in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. St. John is an autonomous region of the United States, utilizes the US Dollar as its official currency, and provides dining and entertainment options for its 4,100 permanent inhabitants as well as the millions of tourists that visit our gorgeous island each year from countries all over the globe.

The laid-back island of St. John, often known as “Love City,” is located in the Caribbean and hosts several of the cleanest and least developed coastlines that can be found anywhere in the globe. More than two million visitors come to the United States Virgin Islands annually. 

Virgin Island

Many of these travelers describe our nation’s territory as the most stunningly gorgeous island in the Caribbean. St. John extends a warm welcome to visitors from all over the globe, whether it is via the gentle breezes brought by the trade winds or by the enthusiasm of the island’s residents.

Each and every one of your interpersonal exchanges, whether they take place in person or in the paper, must begin with a greeting. Before beginning any conversation on the matter at hand, it is customary to begin by wishing the other person a pleasant day, afternoon, etc. If you don’t adequately welcome the residents at the beginning of your interaction with them, they will consider you disrespectful.

What to expect from your trip to st john?

There are many things to expect from the St. John tour. But the most popular activities are in the beach and bays and hiking.

Beaches and bays

Trunk Bay on St. John is considered one of the most famous beachfront on the globe. It is located in the Virgin Islands National Park and has white sand, coastal ecosystems perfect for snorkeling and diving, and convenient facilities including a food stand with alcoholic drinks, public bathrooms, and bathing.

The nicest beaches on St. John are hard to choose, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Trunk Bay
  • Honeymoon Beach
  • Klein Bay
  • Maho Beach
  • Cinnamon Bay 


Within the boundaries of the nature reserve, there are a good number of hiking paths. The ascent up Peace Hill takes just about ten minutes and is rather easy. The journey is rewarded with vistas and the rocky remnants of sugar mills.

Hiking at Peace Hill.jpg

The National Park Service occasionally provides a 5.5-hour directed Reef Bay Hike; a downslope hike, it moves through a portion of the park’s tropical forest along with wrecks of the Reef Bay Plantation and petroglyphs on the rocks at the bottom of the path. 

Peace Hill
Peace Hill

Cinnamon Bay also has a pathway into the woods that guides an old Danish plantation road. After arriving at that location, you may take a dip in Lameshur Bay to refresh yourself before boarding the NPS boat for the ride back to Cruz Bay.

Cinnamon Bay
Cinnamon Bay

Hiking at Maho Bay St. John Island is a favorite beach break for many locals. The beach is known for its crystal waves and hiking trails. The clear water and soft sand make it the perfect place to take a break from the city. The walking trail takes you through the lush Maho Forest and past crystal-clear lagoons. The views of the Atlantic Ocean are simply breathtaking.

Maho Beach
Maho Beach

Environmental Info for St John

The Virgin Islands National Park, which encompasses more than sixty percent of the island of St. John, is widely regarded as one of the finest stunningly gorgeous and unspoiled gems on the face of the planet. This is just one of the many reasons why St. John is so remarkable.
In 1956, Laurance Rockefeller made a significant contribution of 5600 acres to the Park. 

As a result, more than 7000 acres of the island’s 12,500-acre total area are now protected by the Park, in addition to greater than 19 square miles of coastal ecosystems located offshore. When you realize that the island is just 19 square miles in size, it is a particularly astounding accomplishment.

St. John is home to a number of the world’s most breathtaking and unspoiled shores, many of which are protected as part of the island’s status as a National Park. St. John is home to a variety of migrating species, especially hummingbirds and cuckoos, due to its pristine waterways, verdant woods, coastlines with hard ground, and beaches with white sand.

St John US Virgin Islands

What to Expect When Dining in St John’s

Expect a delayed level of service than you are accustomed to receiving at home while eating out since restaurants put a lot of effort into ensuring that your meal is one that you will not forget. When it comes to the preparation of its outstanding cuisine, the restaurant often obtains local products from regional growers and craftsmen, which are then expertly prepared in their kitchens. 

The cuisine here is not at all like the quick food you are probably accustomed to eating, and you really shouldn’t even want it to be. Even if there are some establishments on our list that do not accept reservations, it is still preferable to book ahead whenever it is feasible to do so. 

In addition to this, you should arrive there as early as possible since resources are often scarce on islands. It is natural to be anticipated to run out of ingredients; thus, you shouldn’t be startled if a certain meal sells out. If you arrive there early, you reduce the likelihood of either of those things occurring to you or of having to wait for a long time.

Some top eateries at St. John will be listed below.

1. La tapa

La Tapa is a trendy restaurant that can be found on the main drag of Cruz Bay. It is known for its extensive menu, which has a variety of meals with a genuine Spanish flavor. It is ranked as one of the top ten eateries in the United States Virgin Islands by USA Today. The ever-changing menu has fresh seafood and vegetables that are sourced from local fishermen, farmers, and craftsmen. 

This is without a doubt a contributing factor in the restaurant’s placement on the A-List. Although the restaurant provides West Indian cuisine as well as meat and seafood that has been aromatically seasoned, the paella that they serve is undoubtedly what makes them the most well-known. 

Although there is not a children’s menu in the traditional sense, the chef is able to provide kid-friendly dishes of pasta and mini-sized main courses upon request. On Mondays, you may enjoy live jazz music.

2. Sun Dog Café 

Despite the fact that its kitchen is roughly the size of a Volkswagen Bug, the Sun Dog Café has been hailed as a top choice for travelers and vacationers alike. This has led to the establishment receiving several plaudits. 

You may have supper there the night you come to St. John, or you can have breakfast there the morning of your final day of vacation before you take the boat. Both options are available to you at this location. The Sun Dog’s menu includes a wide variety of dishes, ranging from leafy greens and hamburgers to pizza and other options.

3. High Tide Bar & Seafood Grill 

The open-air restaurant High Tide can be found right on Cruz Bay Beach, and it has a feel that is great for families. You may begin with some conch crackers that are served with remoulade dressing, and then go on to some stuff that will really cling to your ribs, such as a Surf and Turf, a Smoked Pork Cubano, or a Mahi-mahi burger. 

After you have finished your main meal, you may like to treat yourself to a slice of Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake. At High Tide, the children’s menu features traditional American fare such as chicken tenders, hot dogs, and french fries. Customers may take in the breathtaking views of the sunset over Cruz Bay while listening to live music or watching a game on one of the establishment’s several large screens.

How to get to St. John island?

St. John is a fantastic location for individuals who love wilderness and wish to soak up the splendour of the Caribbean. The island is renowned for its unspoiled surroundings, which make it a popular tourist spot. Despite being the smallest of the three major US Virgin Islands, St. John is regarded as the crown gem due to the breathtaking natural environment that can be seen there.

It is a safe sanctuary for those who don’t want the typical tropical island tourist experience since it is occupied by the United States Virgin Islands National Park and has breathtaking coastline vistas. As soon as you are familiar with the steps involved in flying, taking the ferry, renting a car, and other aspects of travel, you won’t have any trouble getting to St. John.

Ariving St. John

1. By plane

There is no airport on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands since the island is so hilly. Flying into the airport serving St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands is the most convenient method to reach St. John by plane.

This airport, which is located just a few miles outside of the main downtown area, serves as a vital hub for the United States Virgin Islands. Major airlines such as JetBlue and United provide service to and from this airport.

Additionally, local flights depart from Puerto Rico and the St. Croix USVI Airport. This airport is located on the island of St. Croix, which is the most isolated of the US Virgin Islands.

Additionally, national aircraft stops at the airports on Beef Island and Virgin Gorda, both of which are located in the British Virgin Islands. However, considering that STT is the only airport in the area to get service from key international centers, it has become the largest in the Eastern Caribbean and the most apparent option for passengers coming into the Virgin Islands.

2. Ferry

Between St. Thomas and St. John, there is a ferry service that operates on a regular basis. Cruz Bay is the primary port of St. John, the biggest business district on the island, and it gives convenient accessibility to lodgings including adjacent St. John luxury villa rentals. All three ferry routes departing from St. Thomas dock at Cruz Bay.

There is a vehicle ferry that runs from St. Thomas to St. John in the United States Virgin Islands! These ferries are able to transport people in addition to vehicles as passengers. You won’t need a car to get to St. John since Cruz Bay is home to both a VITRAN bus station and an official taxi service; as a result, you’ll be able to hire a vehicle as soon as you step off the ship.

The journey from St. Thomas to St. John is not an overly long one. Additionally serving as a mooring location for international ferry services in Cruz Bay.

St. John Travel Restrictions

When planning a trip to St. John, you should be informed that there are some travel limitations in place. Everyone, even nationals of the United States, is subject to the same customs limitations. Among them are the following:

  • no more than 800 dollars worth of presents, 
  • no more than 200 cigarettes or three pounds of tobacco
  • no alcoholic beverages that are stronger than one liter in volume.

The preservation of the natural environment necessitates the prohibition of some things.

  • No fresh fruits or veggies,
  • No seeds or plants,
  • There are no restricted foods allowed, such as some canned goods and meats that are booked.

St. John Island Tour Reviews

The experience of touring st john island is fantastic. The reviews below will be actual reviews by people who visited the island. 

On the way of St. John Island

1. This excursion, which is arranged via many cruise ship companies, will turn out to be well worth the money. The boat voyage from St. Thomas to St. John, which you will take, will be filled with a lot of useful information. The crew will explain the whole journey, so you will be kept up to date on the background of the many islands that will be passed. 

As soon as you land in St. John, open-air cars will be driving you around the island’s most notable landmarks and attractions, including some staggeringly beautiful coastlines. This island was severely damaged by Hurricane Irma, and its inhabitants can still see the wreckage of numerous hotels and private dwellings. 

The roads are in fine condition, but there are a few rough areas here and there, but nothing too serious. If your guide has good knowledge he will make your trip much more informative and fun.

2. Because you will intend to engage in something that is both peaceful and fun, you will probably choose the trip that is really the least expensive option that you are able to undertake. 

The journey from St. Thomas to St. John began with a relaxing cruise on the water. When we finally arrived at St. John, the staff will waste no time in getting you situated on tour buses, and from there, you will have a marvelous day seeing St. John National Park. The views are really breathtaking, and your guide will make the experience even better for you by providing you with interesting information.

Some things the guides do are:

As you come to a halt, a guide will be kind enough to wait while you snapped pictures. It will totally be worth every minute of your time to do this trip and visit St. John.

3. The video that provided a summary of the St. John visitor center was damaged, and the building did not provide as much information as other NPS visitor centers. On the other hand, the workers are very well-informed and friendly. 

You will specify your preferred modes of transit, activities, and foods, and will be given a TON of helpful advice. If as a result, you rented a jeep your rides will be a whole lot of fun and jerks across St. John. 

However, in order to sign up for directed walks, you will need to travel to the Friends of the Park Store, which is located in Mongoose Junction just across the street. They carry a wide variety of books, maps, and goods that were created on the island.

FAQs About Visiting St. John

Is St. John safe for tourists?

St. John is far safer than the majority of the major cities in the United States, making it one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in the Caribbean. While you’re out enjoying yourself in the town or resting on the beach, take the same safety measures you would anyplace else.

Is St. John worth visiting?

It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to St. John since it is the most gorgeous and pristine of the US Virgin Islands. The cruise ship workers also enjoy it a lot. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to see St. John, the Virgin Islands National Park, and the other untouched areas of the island whether you’re planning a vacation to the Caribbean or to Puerto Rico, which is not far away.

When is the best month to visit St. John?

The months of December through March are the finest months to visit St. John since the hurricane season has passed, the temperature and moisture have decreased, and the sun is regularly shining throughout these months. Conditions are comfortable, there has been very little precipitation, the sun is shining brightly, and the sea circumstances are in your favor.

Do you need a car in St. John?

Prior to you taking the boat to St. John, it is highly recommended that you hire a vehicle either on St. John or on St. Thomas. Even though you can travel to the majority of the key sights by taking a Safari or a Taxi Cab, the expense of doing so might add up. 

Not to mention the fact that having a vehicle will provide you the independence to explore the island’s most inaccessible hiking paths and beaches, which the island has to offer.

Do you need a passport to visit St. John?

Visitors from the United States, particularly those from Puerto Rico, do not need to provide a legal passport in order to enter St. John. A part of the United States, the United States Virgin Islands include St. John as one of its many islands. Flights to St. Thomas, which serve as the port of entry for visitors to St. John, are regarded to be domestic travel inside the United States and do not count toward global tourism outside of the country since St. Thomas is a territory.

To Recap

If you’re interested in learning more about the ecology and history of St. John Island, consider signing up for a tour. Tours can be booked through most hotels or at tourist information centers.

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